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Welcome to the UCSD Circuits Wiki!


Getting Started in the Hall Group

Accessing the CAD Servers (Hall Group)

CAD Server Admin (Hall Group)

Getting Started in the Mercier Group

Accessing the CAD Servers (Mercier Group)

How to Use the CAD Servers (Mercier Group)

Server Administration (Mercier Group)

Cadence Tutorial & Tips 

Software (non-CAD)

Packages and Sockets


PCB Software and tips

Lab Safety and Training 

Chemical List in Rm 4704  

Equipment database in Hall Group 

Equipment database in Mercier Group

XEM6310 and PC Communication Interface Tutorial

GPIB sample code

Purpose of this wiki:

This wiki is designed such that students and advisors can actively post and share tips, tricks, and ideas that may help others in the circuits groups at UCSD. It is important that all students actively participate in growing the material on this wiki. If you encounter a difficult problem with CAD tools and manage to solve it - that is something that should be posted here for other students to see, for example. Feel free to post most anything, just make sure to NOT POST ANY CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL here. If you are explaining a CAD flow, for example, it is ok to refer to directories in your text, but it is not ok to post the model files. If you are unsure if you have permission to post something, please ask your advisor.

Consult the User Guide for information on using the wiki software. This link includes tips on how to edit wiki pages.

Note: please avoid adding new pages to this (start) page, unless the content you are adding does not clearly fit within the context of the other existing pages.